Sunday, October 26, 2008

Did you know that the Federal Government took Tommy Chongs Videos Away !

Did you know that the government took away Tommy Chong's masterpiece video documentary about his arrest for manufacturing drug paraphernalia ? I was arrested the same day that Tommy was arrested. We were taken into federal custody and our buisnesses were shut down along with 53 others in a bust called " Operation Pipe Dream ." We were all arrested for manufacturing and distributing Drug Paraphanalia and we were all brought to justice in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. All of the arrested parties eventually plead guilty and not one person fought the charges. Can you imagine that? No one fought, does anyone want to comment on this ?


Anonymous said...

i finally got around to watching this today... was OK i can see why the government doesnt want anyone watching... now that i have seen it and whatnot from what the video shows... id call it entrapment...


Corey said...

You didn't fight, so....what are you trying to say? It seems you are calling everyone pussies, yet you are calling yourself one? I really do not understand you...Obviously you are pissed at the government, with all do right. However, you showing what others are able to get away with is, in fact, tantamount to ratting them out. You are jealous, spiteful, whatever...You got busted before the big medical mj and decriminalization push. Stop hating on all the other companies and everyone else. Own up for your shit, you got fucked by the government for making bongs, to smoke marijuana out of. Isn't that EXACTLY what you were doing? Which is why you plead guilty. You posting vids of these other, awesome may I say, companies, is the same thing as a former crack dealer who got busted being mad because the police don't arrest every other crack dealer? Come the fuck on dude, grow up. You got a bad turn in life, we all do. You had a good run and I'm sure it was great while it lasted. You should be happy that the industry is not as scrutinized and that other *artists* are free to practice their craft. You bitching about it shows that you really are a little tattle tailing bitch. I have smoked out of some of your bongs before, but after reading your blog I never will again. You obviously are more about your own profit and happiness than anything else, which is fine, just don't pretend that you care about the greater good. Fuck you.

JTS said...

Well, my understanding is that there was no reason to fight the charges since the authorities had been waiting and planning on how to trap you all for a long time. Why blow the time and money on a defense that was not going to work? They were taking you down no matter what, just to use you as examples. If you had gone for a larger fight, then it only would have worked in their favor, as Ashcroft would have rallied public support against 'all these bad glassblowers who are destroying the youth', you know, the usual BS fear shyte that the government has to shove down people's throats since most folks really don't know what to believe. It was a good thing you did since a huge trial would have just lead to a bunch of public hysteria, though it was a HUGE sacrifice on your part I know. J, some of the other comments are just not understanding what you are talking about bro', but I do know that your acknowledgment of guilt and the low profile of the case (in public terms only) has helped to keep things on the up and up for the rest of the industry. All the govvies want is another Timothy-Leary type spokesperson who will lead the movement into another forty years of oblivion.
Good on you for your sacrifice and for you work now. I see the posts on your blog as the reminder to all that this is still an area of thin ice.

Henry said...

Wow I would say if anyone sounded a little bit pissed off it would be you Corey. Your rant is pretty biased it seems... Though I've never met Jason, I've never gotten this image of him from the website.

Jason - I'm much more interested in knowing what you have to say about this. Why did you plead guilty? What type of punishment did you face? Do you feel like what you were doing was wrong? Things are different now, Would you fight today if the same happened? Etc...

About Chong "Chong was charged for his part in financing and promoting Chong Glass/Nice Dreams, a company started by his son Paris. Chong’s case never went to trial; instead Chong accepted a plea agreement with the United States Attorney's Office in which he admitted to distributing 7,500 bongs and water pipes on the Internet through Nice Dreams, a family company that was named for one of his movies. Chong agreed to plead guilty to one count of conspiracy to distribute drug paraphernalia in exchange for non-prosecution of his wife, Shelby, and his son, Paris. Chong fully cooperated with the government and was the first of the Operation Pipe Dreams defendants to plead guilty."

Looks like you didn't go so easy! Chong was just funding a company... You on the other hand were a little bit more involved lol...

B0z0dcl0wn said...

Your retail shop (higher source) was raided at the same time. Today the same retail space is filled with a shop selling "Pipe and Tobacco"... How do you feel about that? said...

live and let live...
mona & the gaffer girls

Anonymous said...
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